Ritch Network hosts two online networking events per year.


It is a creative online event that will match you with people who have the same vibe as you.

This action by Ritch aims to connect like-minded entrepreneurs, starters, managers & inspiring individuals.


The concept:

Via the online platform you can see a list of photos with a quote or sentence. Nothing anymore. When you hoover over the photo, you will see a mobile phone number appear. The intention is that visitors (members or paid tickets) choose a maximum of 5 pictures from this list that appeals to them the most.


As soon as they have chosen the pictures, they contact the person by call, text or whatsapp. They introduce themselves and plan a 1 on 1 meeting according to their wishes and their own agenda. In this way they discover who is behind the profile. Online blind date or Russian Roulette?


What do we need?

- 1 picture within the indicated the theme.

- 1 quote or sentence within the indicated theme.

- Mobile phone number.


The event itself:

Participants have 10 days to visit this page. This ensures that there is no time pressure. After this, this page will be closed. You can only visit this event when you receive a special code. Everyone will receive detailed instructions before the start of the event via e-mailing.


Who can participate?

All members of the Ritch Network will receive access (included in the membership) even if they have not submitted an entry.
Paid tickets (non-members) = €75 ex VAT


April (28 - 9 May 2022) Theme: Trust

November (22 - December 1, 2022) Theme: Wealth

April (17 -27 April 2023) Theme: Growth

November (20 - 30 November 2023) Theme: Inclusion

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